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Your tax-deductible donations are greatly needed now to enable The Society fulfill its mission to bring the Allies Briefings and New Message to people everywhere; so that humanity can find its common ground, preserve the Earth, protect human freedom and advance human civilization as we stand at the threshold of space.

This mission exceeds what we can do alone. It requires the support and assistance of many people. The contributions of readers and students make up 90% of The Society’s operating budget (8% income from events and 2% income from book sales).

Thanks to financial contributions of people like you, there is a website that informs and inspires you, books to hold in your hand, an office to maintain this organization are the doors are open to the Greater Community Sanctuary in Boulder hear Marshall teach or attend multi-day gatherings with others who have discovered the Allies perspective and the New Message.

You, who may be among the first to receive and experience the Allies Briefings, can join others in making a real contribution to this vital mission. Join us in this great cause.


Here is how you can support The Society’s work and be a part of this great service to humanity:

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The Society for the New Message is a 501(c)3 religious non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Other ways to support The Society:

  • Mention The Society in your estate plan (bequests/legacies, etc.)
  • Make a donation of Appreciated Investments or Real Estate
  • Mention The Society as a beneficiary in your investments and/or insurance policies
  •  Establish a Living Trust
  •  Help create an Endowment for The Society and The New Message
  •  If life has given you the financial means to become a Benefactor, you may have a historic role in assuring the success and preservation of the New Message into the deep future. Please contact us to discuss a plan for giving at this level.
  • Become a student of the New Message and part of a growing, worldwide community of learners

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