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Thread: maybe 20 yrs is not too late!

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    maybe 20 yrs is not too late!

    In 1996 I had an epiphany of sorts that something was not right and that started my rabbit hole adventure that finally brought me to my mission last year and then to the information from Marshall Vian Summers. I do video interviews and Reed and I are scheduled for Dec 4. I am very happy to be here. Blessings and Victory to the Light.

    PS The interviews are on and there is an 'about me' page there as well. ty

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    Thank you for joining the Allies Forum Sendin, I am looking forward to your interview with Reed...and I know many others are too ;)
    I had a look at your website, so that's you on the tree? I spent a lot of time on pine trees, weekends some years ago...I remember when Monday came around and I had to go back to my office job I would miss the energy the trees gave me.

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