Yes, the title is true, I am Christ, spoken of in the biblical teachings of past on Earth. Now I am not Jesus Christ, I am greater than him. For I came to save Christ -- Christ is not really a person but more of a law, in the name. Christ is the church of God on Earth and it was being torn apart.

I have seemingly found a group of Evil Grey's and most importantly Zionists -- Some sort of Reptilian creatures that are responsible for nearly every single corrupt thing since the the 1500's on Earth. So if you know these guys, or how to defeat them, or want to defeat, feel free.

And in return, if you have any questions regarding spiritual awaking, you can ask ask. I am High Priest to the living father and mother. Alpha and Omega. -- Sophia is the feminine energy that has created this universe. -- Mother nature.

I am Mr.Venus.