Nothing here clashes with the message of the debriefings, but it can clash with your interpretations of it.

Since the time of the Buddha (Siddharta) materialistic niilism was a threat, for they nothing matters and there is no difference between any kind of action. From the other flank, “everything is as it should be” was the other threat, justifying a complete lack of compassion by saying “Brahman wants it to be this way”. Even though there is alien interference on Earth since way before that time, those threats also emerge on their own, and would emerge even if we were the only race in the universe. If it were not like this, how would the first collective form? The ‘collective’ is an unconscious pattern of though-forms, and is acessed by what some of them like to call “frequencies”. It does not matter if you have been abducted, if your planet has aliens, if there is a malignous political plan: if you are stuck in a “frequency” (holding an unconscious concept as if it were real), you will be working for that collective (hopefully temporarily). They are not alien in origin, they are universal, they are a force of nature. Just like true awareness is not a human power, but an universal force of nature.

The collective itself is unconscious, it’s like a virus. But the individuals that form the races, are not usually completely unconscious. There are degrees of it. There’s no war happening between humans vs aliens, what happens is consciousness based on knowledge vs collectives/unconsciousness. The battles happen inside every individual, every civilization, every race and every planet. The truly “scary” individuals/races are the ones where there’s no battle anymore, in which the individuals are quite literally a physical entity commanded by the collective that they represent, with no way to access knowledge, basically unaware.

And races like the Pleiadians are indeed less immediately dangerous than some of the others meddling with us. What happens to them (at least most of the individuals that contact humans) is that they are stuck in a “frequency”, and spiralling into unawareness. By trying to control our trajectory and make us be like them, they prove themselves to be representing a collective, way different than the “merchant collectives” and such, but still a danger to awareness in the long run.

With this we can realize there’s no victimization of one race by another. There are just forces of nature clashing. Something represented by an individual of one particular race, sometimes by an entire fleet, or even by a shadow of unconsciousness on the mind of a simple human.

Their individuals can learn with this whole ordeal, just like us, by approaching consciousness and knowledge with respect, patience, devotion, and responsability. Or basically by being AWARE. Remember: your awareness INCLUDE your rational thoughts, but is not only them. If your rational thoughts start including your whole awareness, part of them become completely unconscious and you will be automatically working for the collective unconscious of your current “frequency”. Knowledge can be acessed when your mind is free from the tangling and grasping of the unconscious behaviours, “free from desire and ill-will”. Free from that which does not work for nurturing awareness.

A bit about religions: if you think the Bible, the Buddha, Nagarjuna, Zen Buddhism, the Vedas of Hinduism and such were made by collectives to control us, you are seeing it through a filter. Collectives can see anything through it’s filter and so use it for it’s purpose. Of course most churches and such are infested, just like most humans are infested. But if you go to the original sources, original texts, with your awareness sufficiently expanded, you may see that Knowledge pours through it. But realize, specially with the christian Bible: nothing is literal; remember that Jesus would only speak clearly with the apostles, and tell parables to everyone else. What is the Bible itself if not a parabole for everyone?

Feel free to share all this.