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Thread: New X-Files tv show

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    New X-Files tv show

    I was a fan of the original X-Files for the first few years so when I saw that it was starting anew I thought I would check it out just to see what was being presented now. Has anyone else seen this new show? Very interesting new twist to it that looks like another disinformation attempt to demonize government while making the ETs look good. There are millions of X-Files fans and I'm sure there will be new ones. The Pacification seems to be amping up.

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    I receive a financial newsletter and was surprised to see this in it today -
    "In view of 2016's confusing market situation, the recent return to television of the iconic series The X-Files came at an interesting time. Investors are caught on the razor's edge between belief and unbelief.

    Like Fox Mulder, the fictional FBI agent who desperately wants to believe in extraterrestrials, investors desperately want to believe that central banks can keep supporting markets in an overleveraged post-crisis world. Like Agent Mulder, however, they are certain to be disappointed and learn that aliens are little more than a government conspiracy designed to deprive them of their liberty and their money."

    The insidiousness of the Intervention is far reaching and finds it's way into places unexpected.

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