I tried to find a thread about alien Earth bases in this Forum but did not find any, so I decided to start one.

I have recently looked into the UFO phenomenon in Hessdalen, Norway, where continuous UFO activity has been witnessed since 1981. They have also established 24/7 radar and camera surveillance system into the area. Norwegian documentary maker Terje Toftenes has made documentaries of this phenomenon called The Portal and The Day Before Disclosure. In the latter one Hessdalen is only one example of the UFO phenomenon.

The name of the other document "The Portal" reflects the thinking of Terje Toftenes and many others that this mineral rich area is a portal for UFOs or inter-dimensional things. This interpretation bothers me and Allies of Humanity are speaking of the alien bases in the Earth which are located underground. They also give a clear reason for this. It is not only because they want these to be hidden. There are practical reasons to it. The alien races intervening our world live underground in their worlds and do not tolerate the surface conditions of our world. The mountain areas seem to be perfect places for an underground alien base. So Hessdalen could be one of them. All in all the geologically stable Scandinavian crust makes a perfect place for underground bases. What I am wondering is the distant location from the population centers as Allies talk about the bases of mental influence near the population centers.

It would be nice, if others would add potential locations of alien bases in Earth to this thread. I have heard of Dulce base somewhere in the Colorado - New Mexico, USA described by late Phil Schneider. Then there was some alien base in Italy, the location of which I do not now remember but it can be found by Google. I have also heard of an underground base in North-Sweden, again the location of which I do not remember now.

Kari H