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Thread: Joining School ---advice appreciated

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    Joining School ---advice appreciated

    I am thinking I might join the societies school. The reason I haven't sooner is I lead a life without a lot of regular blocks of time to interact regularly. I also am quite committed to doing the work every day so I don't need a structured schedule to keep me at it. Am I making a mistake with this attitude ? Is there a real benefit to joining that I am missing here and therefore this attitude is then holding me back ? Are there any hazards in not joining and just doing the steps on my own ? I understand that it was highly recommended that I join however it was also stated that it was not absolutely necessary.

    Thanks in advance for any advice !

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    Hi bando7!

    I appreciate the weight of your question. If you are feeling moved to participate in the free school, my advice would be to listen and respond to that calling within you. I feel like your hesitancy to join is born out of a deep respect for what it will mean and require from you to do this, a humble position to be in at the starting point of this mysterious and amazing journey. The way of Knowledge.

    I know you are not alone in feeling this weight, but I can tell you from experience that you don't need to lift the weight on your own, the free school is an amazing place to participate in relationships of higher purpose.

    With deep humility and respect.

    Aile Aile Contreyana Misu Veda Misu Veda: "Listen to the voice within, it is the voice of Knowledge."
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    As you have heard, it is really up to you if you'd like to join the school. It is free, online and the curriculum every two months is set up for much independent study. The school forum, weekly live chat, and broadcasts are where students can convene together to share their experiences, and hear the teachers of the New Message (Marshall, Patricia, and Reed Summers) convey important and insightful information relating to the current session.

    Some students in the school participate simply by engaging with the lesson plan and observing on the chat or in the forum. Others feel compelled to contribute in a more active way. It is really up to you as to how you would engage with the school.

    You are invited and always welcome...when or if you are so moved.



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    Hello bando7,

    Good to hear that you are practising. Based on my experience one advantage of the Free School is that it provides you a structured way to study the Revelations. There is a theme in each session and I use that theme to focus my NMG studies into specific topics of that theme. The Free School deepens your engagement with the NMG.

    Kari H

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