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Thread: The daily lives of the Allies

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    The daily lives of the Allies

    Hello all-

    Someone asked me some good questions yesterday about the Allies, and I appreciated holding them in such a light that I experience their compassion and love (I almost said "humanness or humanity" right there!). I did not have answers, only vague feelings and it was a better practice to "hold" the questions rather than to define their lives.

    Do the Allies experience pain and loss?
    Do they experience "flatness" and boredom, taking care of mundane things, or are their lives very intense?
    Are they still attentive to us?
    Are they providing these briefings to other worlds, tailored to their planets?

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    Hi Alison, those are definitely good questions! Over the years I did my best to try to not speculate too much around their lives, but I do wonder...I think they do experience pain and loss but closer to Knowledge, so purpose must be a key factor for them and maybe a loss is seen as such only if one's purpose was not realised?
    ...still pondering the rest ;)

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    The Greater Community Way of Knowledge reminds you many times that the greatness is in small. Here is one of those reminders "Greatness expresses itself in the smallest thing, in the tiniest action, in the most fleeting thought, in the simplest gesture and in the most mundane circumstances. Thus, maintain your small actions in the world so that Knowledge in time may express itself through them." So, I think that every minute is important to the Allies.

    Kari H

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