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Thread: At the 11th Hour

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    At the 11th Hour

    I found this at the right time. Nice to cut through all the BS of agents like Bashar and Greer. Their last ditch plan on the 25th isn't going to work.

    My college campus is going to be ready I swear it. There is no backing down.

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    Hello lettsgettoit, and welcome to this forum, I am glad you found us and if you wish to tell us a bit about yourself please do so in the introductions section.
    I did a bit of a google search trying to find some info about the 25th ditch plan but didn't find much, could you tell us a bit more about it?

    It really seems like the people you mentioned (or whoever is speaking 'through' them) don't feel much accountability towards their audiences, as far as dis-info is concerned!

    BTW, you will also find a thread that discusses S. Greer's CE-5 initiative , and one about Bashar on this forum.

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