Dear Friends,

I must admit right up front, I'm not a member of Mr. Summers' "fan club." The quasi-religious spin he puts on everything kind of runs me off. You are most welcome to believe whatever you wish, along religious lines. And of course, there's no law that says everyone must like or agree with me, either.

I was always extremely skeptical of "channelers," as the potential for fleecing the rubes is obvious. But I changed my mind after reading Jane Roberts' "Seth Speaks" (nope, no relation to me) and was stunned, when an old friend told me he'd had such abilities since the age of eight. Together, we contacted first the late Brian Jones, to get to the bottom of his murder -- which we did. And then, I suggested trying to contact Maria Orsic, founder of the original Vril society. He'd never heard of either, but agreed to give it a try -- and succeeded, beyond our wildest dreams.

The material revealed, he couldn't possibly have made up or researched, so I feel it was self-validating. Some of it confirms bits and pieces of what Mr. Summers has said. It was the beginning of a whole new life-direction for me, and we were authorized to begin the "Vril Society" anew, here in North America (there's a European branch that's been around for a long time.) To make this short, our initial findings were published in "Conversations With Fraulein Maria" on Kindle Ebooks, and we'll be releasing the internal newsletters there, as well. Our findings may be only one little slice of the truth; that, I leave to you to decide. But we stand firmly against the "external influence" of the Domain, the "little grey guys" who are definitely not our friends, in defense of our world, our right to freedom and individuality. Thank you for this opportunity.