I'm new; I've been reading through the Steps of Knowledge over the last day. Yes, they resonate :)

We may see this as a "New Message", but to me it is an Old message, timeless truths that we have long forgotten...the eastern religions of the world have not Forgotten these truths, but even among those who would practice the -isms of the east, it is a message so Simple that most have missed the Point, so complex that we have seen but not comprehended....Ancient Truth is being shared by more than just the allies - (thankfully, my guides/higher self share these) but their compassion and generosity in providing it again, in easy-to-understand terms, gives us Opportunity to discern between other teachings that are shared with us by so many 'beings' who are Not so considerate of us as we emerge into this Greater Community.

I see 'God' in many ways; therefore it is not unreasonable to think that the Ancient Wisdom of God would not be shrewd in methods that would Reach us, wherever we Are. We see the techniques of deceit used by those who do Not have our best interests in mind at all; yet God also operates from a mind that would see the best ways to reach out to All. This is not deceitful (on the part of God); it is Beautiful, showing how Much we are a part of this, and how Much we have to Learn!

Those who carried these Truths in our own history did not recognize its importance or treat it carefully; our own nature of desire for greed, power or control caused the teachings to become twisted and therefore Unappealing to us based on what we Experienced. So perhaps God has simply found a new Way to share the same information without prior biases, attachments, etc to bring us back to the Knowledge we mislaid?

The more we practice - the more we set our minds to it - the easier it will become. Thank you for allowing me to Read and see what the Allies are sharing.