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Thread: Offtopic but...

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    Offtopic but...

    I've always been a little frustrated that this forum doesn't have an off topic area for folks to discuss other things besides the Allies, especially since such things helps to bring folks together. It helps them to form bonds, etc.

    So I'm posting this here. This is really the only forum I trust with talking about things. I've been to a lot and, yeah, not really into some of the things you see in other places.

    That being said, there's this event I remember. It happened in Tampa. I guess, now that I think about it, it was a type of Interception. But when I tell the story it sounds really ridiculous. It's a funny story. Even though, when face to face with a Reptilian, it's not something you'd normally laugh at.

    I recorded the story for my youtube channel, and I allowed someone to see it early. And they stopped talking to me. I mean it probably isn't that they hate me over it, but when I reveal small things like this - which if you look at them they hold a TON of information, you just gotta learn how to get it out - people go "you're full of it" and go away. (face)

    And I gotta wonder about this. I'm really wondering about this. I've been wondering and worrying about it for a week and a half, no lie.

    So I'm thinking of not polishing this clip up for my channel, because it's dumb. It was just a reptilian in an orange flight suit in Tampa. No threats, no cosmic knowledge, just his concern over something I was about to do. And uh...

    Thought I'd ask for you guys' input. Cuz between fixing satellites in strange sectors of space and really WEIRD looking wrenches, my life is pretty boring lately.

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    Hi Spearcarrier, I moved this thread to the 'OTHER PERSPECTIVES' section, which is actually designed for 'other communications about the ET presence on Earth', which is what you are dealing with here; ideally we also encourage to see it 'from an Allies of Humanity perspective', but it does not need to be a strict guideline as long as there is the opportunity to see it from the Allies' perspective, for anyone moved to do so - which is the case here., thankyou for your contribution, and hopefully we will read some comments from our fellow forum members!

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    Hi spearcarrier, last night I just finished reading Masquerade of Angels by Dr Karla Turner. Amazing book, I recommend it, if you haven't read it. It mainly focuses on one individual called Ted Rice and his experiences with ETs. One of the main events that the book describes is Ted's encounter with a reptilian being. So when I saw your post my interest was sparked. I am wondering if you would be willing to share more of your story.

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