The first time I saw Darryl Anka channel Bashar I felt that he had a touch of distain for the intelligence level of the audience asking questions. There after his demeanor changed. I felt good that he could recognize that that was not appropriate, even though he was clearly more intelligent than us. Over some time I had learned some concepts from Bashar’s teachings that helped simplify and better my life. I began to desire the life portrayed on his home planet, where the Essani people freely pursued their talents and worked together effortlessly. After some time Bashar began to talk about becoming ready for contact, by envisioning seeing aliens in the physical, reading symbols, and by performing a meditation to welcome them to us. As I practiced envisioning them I could feel my fear. Soon I was able to envision inviting them into my home to sit down at my kitchen table. I asked them what they wanted, but I did not get an answer. Something didn’t feel right. I backed off. I needed to be sure that I could accurately discern a benevolent alien from a non-benevolent one. For almost two years I was busy building a house with my fiancé. When I went back to the Bashar teachings I could see the main topic had turned to hybrids and the audience seemed to be filled with a lot of people wanting to connect with their hybrid children. Bashar said that the people with hybrid children had agreed to it through their higher-self. Something didn’t feel right. I had noticed that the audience demeanor had changed from growing in confidence and intelligence to more of conformity and was taken back when a woman actually said, “I will do whatever you want me to do Bashar.” I was saying to myself what’s going on here. After reflecting, I just knew that people shouldn’t be “abducted” taken without conscious consent. I had a personal experience with someone who had been abducted and it severely damaged her life. It was the Allies of Humanity Briefings interview with MVS by Project Camelot that set off bells. Visiting aliens have an agenda. It would be best to know clearly what their agenda is before welcoming them onto our planet. It’s the same as someone knocking at your door. Do you just say come in without finding out who they are and what they want? And, why would they go through so much trouble trying to adapt their biology to this planet; to help us clean up our mess, to give us technology that is well beyond our present intellect, or to show us the right way to live? If they are abducting humans, without their conscious consent, for whatever reason, that is not a benevolent act. That is a disregard for individual sovereignty. The Allies of humanity put a realistic and wide angle view on the visitors from our greater community in space. Nothing has made more sense or has resonated more truth to me than the Allies briefings on these matters that are so relevant to mankind today.