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Thread: Cosmic Encounter - Stefan Denaerde interview

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    Cosmic Encounter - Stefan Denaerde interview

    Interview with Stefan Denaerde, a contactee who spent 2 days aboard a submersed UFO, where he got detailed information about the homeworld of the visitors called Iarga.
    This is a true story of a UFO contact from a planet called IARGA - by the alien astronauts visiting our Earth. They say that their Sun is about 10 light years as we count time from us, and that they have been observing us for some time.....

    The book written about this encouter can be found here; Iarga.htm

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    Link to the book is no longer valid
    New link

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    Thanks for posting, Observer1964. I had not given this book much attention because the narrative seemed to me to be a fabrication, perhaps because of the style of presentation. These interviews encourage me to take another look.

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    I can understand. The original book is in dutch and is a little different than the english version wich was done by W.C. Stevens, and he has a different set of priorities wich is reflected in the english version.
    There is a group working on a new translation but I feel that it is taking to much time, so i promote the english version and hope the tiny difference wont matter that much.
    But in general I see the dutch ppl who have read it more impressed then the english ppl.

    I have been thinking of making a page by page comparrison myself and add the missing parts, but I only have so much (not much) time to spend on it.

    The essence of the book is focussed on what a higher civilisation looks like, organisation of its infra-structure, morals and ethics, religious/scientific wich to them is the same as their religion is based on what they know and can prove in their science.

    And they explain why they cant just show up and destroy our culture and evolution as we (western world) did to the native americans and other cultures that were colonised by the western world.

    They were also asked to do this effort of informing 1 person of the earths population and as I understand asked by the same group that asked the AoH to channel the information to M.V. Summers.

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    Interesting, I'm Dutch and have never heard of this story so I'm ordering this book today. :) I've listened to the interviews and not sure what to think yet, but there are at least a few interesting similarities with the AoH briefings though. Like a fake second coming of Christ who is actually the anti-Christ (or anti-God in Stefan Denaerde's words). And that the Iargarians refuse to interfere in human affairs because this would ultimately harm us and threaten our freedom, we have to learn to walk on our own two feet alone as a species according to them. The only discrepancy I found is that the AoH briefings say that there are no benevolent aliens visiting the Earth, but perhaps they only say this because humanity does not have the mental capability yet to discern good aliens from the bad so it's best just to assume they all do not have our best interest at heart so we can focus on how to manage our Earthly problems on our own and not seek help from the outside. Besides the 'good' ones refuse to interfere anyway because they know that interfering would not be in our best interest.

    Anyway thanks for this information, I'm going to read this book and see what I get out of it. :)

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    I have read the book now and must say it was really interesting and inspiring to think about, whether it really happened or not. I tend to believe this story although I can't really explain why, it's just a feeling I have about certain details that connect with me and just ring true to me. :)

    However I have also read his second book the Universal Creation and I have much more difficulty to believe that one. It talks about the end times and how an anti-God will arrive on this Earth and enslave us all, after which we will all die after the magnetic poles of the Earth suddenly switch around. Except for a few who will be saved by an alien race... Right, here my alarm bells went off full force and I started to wonder how the tone in his second book could be so completely different from his first? It also contradicts certain things in his first book and after the publication of this book he called his first book a mistake in an interview! (source: ) Could it be that he had been influenced by the aliens who want to set up an intervention and made him write this book 21 years after his first? According to the first book when the Iargarians left the Earth again they told Stefan he would never hear or see them again, but in his second book he said they later contacted him again telepathically to deliver this new message. My theory now is that maybe a different alien race with other intentions contacted him and pretended they were the Iargarians he knew, and he believed it. It's either that or Stefan longed so much for another contact with the Iargarians that his imagination started to fool him and his ego came up with all these new theories. Most of which no doubt inspired by his alien contact and his background in Christianity and knowledge of the Bible. I don't know for sure, but something tells me that his first book is real and his second book is at least partly a fabrication or part of an alien (non-Iargarian) deception. Anyway I would definitely recommend his first book to all New Message students. :)

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    Cosmiv Encounter

    I have read the book now and must say it was really interesting and inspiring to think about, whether it really happened or not. I tend to believe this story although I can't really explain why, it's just a feeling I have about certain details that connect with me and just ring true to me. :)

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