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Thread: the ET Intervention is working with a faulty 'equation'

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    the ET Intervention is working with a faulty 'equation'

    The activities of the Intervention are well underway and we can tap into plenty of opportunities to map out their plans – the various GFL-type channellings, gurus, theorists, contactees and ‘experiencers’. All crowding the most popular sites and forums on the web, spreading a series of messages whose agendas can be easily allocated in the ’10 point summary’ of the Allies of Humanity briefings.

    Some of the ET Intervention initiatives are well tailored to suit various ‘clusters’ of human personalities: ranging from the unredeemable jackasses to the more demanding fool, all with specific foci in mind – mind you, this is what they think we are, not I.

    One quite obvious 'cluster' is based on the ‘Second Coming’…there are a few non-denominational ‘Jesuses’ circulating already. One is to suit people that like a punitive god, another one is for those who prefer a more loving one; then there are various shades of grey. Recently we are also seeing that some ET faction may give our old Catholic religion a try…same with the Buddhist.

    The list goes on and on. They think that they can profile and gather us, like sheep.

    Nevertheless, one first thing that went wrong was the disgraceful 2012 farce. Several pre-2012 ‘gatherings’ resulted in sending a lot of disillusioned people home after the fatidic date…some saying ‘we were not worthy’, but most realising that they've been fooled.

    Did the Intervention think that by 2012 we would have been ripe for conquest? Is that why they lied about it so indecently? I mean, so indecently that to get out of that one they had to make up excuses that only insult peoples’ intelligence…like “your karma was still too bad…”, or “as a planet you didn’t reach the necessary vibrational level…”.

    The point is that basically the ET Intervention is working with a faulty ‘equation’.

    Why would such advanced races make such a big mistake? 2012 is just one example and I am really simplifying here... If they have accurately studied and modelled our behaviours in order to reach the needed quorum of supporters, where did they go wrong?

    Because their equation is faulty, they have not accounted for KNOWLEDGE.

    They never will (not until they take the Steps themselves!). They cannot understand it.
    KNOWLEDGE, where human FREEDOM resides. None of their supercomputing models, or A.I. or you name it, will ever figure it out.

    Nowadays the repercussions of this are only in the form of delays. Just read some of Sheldan Nidle’s GFL monthly updates…they have become tragically and disgracefully comical.

    The problem gets bigger as we proceed though.

    Let’s say we fail and the Intervention do establish themselves here: it will be short-lived, they will never put a definitive yoke on humanity. They will not even be able to make back the ‘money’ they spent for this project, before all hell breaks loose.

    Earth will turn into a living hell, for us, unfortunately, but also for them. Losses will be immense on both sides. Why go through with it?? It’s not worth it!

    The bottom line is that nothing is going to stop Humans from fighting for their freedom. I wish that the Intervention understand this and spare themselves a lot of pain.
    I realise t’s hard to go back home after having invested so much to travel here, set up bases, corrupt our people, abduct, create hybrids, mind control targeted individuals etc. etc. etc. But leaving would be the wisest thing to do.

    They only need to look at our history, the history that many history books don't talk about. The struggles for freedom that demonstrate that humanity will turn against any oppressor, it's only a matter of time.
    FREEDOM is so deeply ingrained in our being, that it will always drive humanity's decisions, no matter at what cost, because freedom is the biggest cost for humanity, a cost that it will not pay.

    In the end, it's all about freedom.

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    This is what I am talking about:

    "Have You Ever Heard Of The Ludlow Massacre? You Might Be Shocked When You See What Happened."
    " showed the resilience and strength that union people could display when they remained united, even in the face of extreme corporate and government violence. Historian Howard Zinn called it 'the culminating act of perhaps the most violent struggle between corporate power and laboring men in American history.' "
    This is how Humans will respond, this is not the right Planet for the ET Intervention to enslave. This is what they need to understand.

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    Raoul, I wish this would be true. That humans will fight for their freedom. But I have a feeling that our visitor's agenda is so clandestine that humans will not even realize that they are loosing their freedom. This is also stated by the Allies of Humanity (Book One):

    Therefore, understand that from your visitors’ perspective, you are all tribes that need to be managed and controlled in order to serve the visitors’ interests. For this, your religions and a certain degree of your social reality will be preserved. But you will lose a great deal. And much will be lost before you realize what has been taken from you.
    The intention of our visitors is to operate behind the scenes. To have those humans persuaded by them to do the "dirty" work. To plant hybrids around the world, who look like humans but think like the visitors. Humans may not even realize that their planet has been invaded by alien forces. Thus it is not enough to put faith on the freedom fight. We desperately need the power of Knowledge in this world. As the Allies of Humanity say (Book One):

    Therefore, we can only advocate a vigilance, a responsibility and a commitment to learn—to learn about life in the Greater Community, to learn how to preserve your own culture and your own reality within a greater environment and to learn how to see who is here to serve you and distinguish them from those who are not. This greater discernment is so needed in the world, even for the resolution of your own difficulties. But regarding your survival and well-being in the Greater Community, it is absolutely fundamental.
    This all requires deeper knowing which only Knowledge within each of us can provide if we can listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari H View Post
    Raoul, I wish this would be true. That humans will fight for their freedom. But I have a feeling that our visitor's agenda is so clandestine that humans will not even realize that they are loosing their freedom...
    I cannot say you are totally wrong my friend, but at the same time I am seeing much improvement in many places, so there is great hope.
    Even at a personal level, when we figure something out about the Intervention, we are concurring at making it less, bit by bit this is the job to do.
    If you have felt their influence, have you noticed that when you begin to figure something out about it, it stops? I have recently experienced this and I am sure that it is because we too, could 'wedge' into their weaknesses.
    In doing this, we must be really careful, nonetheless, to not 'engage' with them - as Reed recommends, so what I found useful is to always say (mentally) "I have nothing to do with you (ET's), but I have a right to figure out what is interfering with me and with my planet and ask it to leave", something like that, a sort of "non engagement" disclaimer.
    I really think that if we continue to understand more about them and advocate relentlessly, we will make the difference.

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    Thanks for that referral back to Reed's quote. It is like with people in every day life "Need I get involved here?" That is the first question before how to be with them. I find the answer from Knowledge can surprise me, pushing my fears and desires aside and oh how refreshing it can be to find I am free from involvement with so many forces.

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