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Thread: Humans have been judged insane by The Council.

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    Well I found an audio version of Handbook for a New Paradigm at

    I don't know if this page is legal just yet so am hesitant.

    One problem I have with the so-called galactic shift idea is that it's based on this assumption that Earth is the center of the universe. Earth will experience a shift and so the entire universe will to. Meanwhile I'm thinking of Grrblfx over on Planet Beta who probably won't even notice, no more than how we only noticed there was a super nova one night centuries after it happened because the light finally reached Earth to make a good Christmas story.

    The other problem I have is how we're supposed to invoke our galactic neighbors, the Pleiadians, some random Grey flying over on his spaceship bicycle, and and whoever else that happens to be nearby to help us resonate to a higher frequency, prepare for the end of times, etc.

    1. What makes you think they have all this time to just sit around in empty temples sending their minds out to help us all of the time. Considering how numerous we are, what makes you think they even care to set up the resources it would take?

    2. Why would you turn to the very same beings that take our unborn fetuses, use us for experiments and painful practices, lie to us about our destinies and trick us into doing things that ruin our futures, kidnap us at night, and who knows what else for help in raising your frequency?

    3. For that matter why would you believe them when they tell you that raising your frequency was a good idea?

    4. Have we not grown out of this mankind age of infancy where everything that has a bit of better technology than us is to be treated like a god and we the needy and unappreciative children?

    I'm not saying that what's in his book is bad, mind you. It looks like from an outside perspective that what's happening with you is that YOU are experiencing a shift. You've gotten some information under your belt and you need to look at other horizons for a while. Everything can have a kernel of truth in it, so don't throw your books out. But take my compliments for thinking for yourself around them.

    I'll tell folks flat out. I'm not here to speak for the Council on High. :-) I poke at them once in a while, threaten them to get things I want, and point on occasion. What I do isn't supposed to be this high and mighty gala affair.

    But I can tell you things on occasion that I'm sure of.

    I don't know about a Galactic Shift. I scratch my head at that and go buh? I picture the galaxy tilting and all the planets and stars sliding out of place and crashing on the floor.

    I do know that yes something is going to happen here, and for the most part most of us aren't going to like it. I've lived in fear of this event my entire life. I used to go to great lengths when I was 14 to create inter-dimensional portals and jump gateways to get off world. It's that frightening. I don't know when it's going to happen. Maybe after I'm dead of old age. But it's coming.

    There will be devastation when it happens. People will disappear. Fire, lava, cats and dogs living together. My instincts say we must do the following things:

    We must win back our independence and have our sentience recognized.
    We must listen to how to do things like purify water and store food. How to hunt. How to defend our ground. How to survive.
    And something that just never seemed to work right all the other times this has been done to us: we must preserve our technology. Not in a technocracy platform, which is how the technology was stored and then lost all the other times. We must preserve it in a way that everyone at least has rudimentary knowledge of how to patch things together so that we can rebuild quickly, even if there's only a handful of us.

    The thing that has always kept us own is how we're scattered to the winds each time. If this time we make plans to not be scattered and figure out how we're going to regroup we'll have a fighting chance. If everyone knows how to stand their ground and we have some sort of structure already planned, then when the predators come to take charge and bully us and keep us down so they can have power we can flip them the bird and throw them out of town. That's our biggest danger in that element: the bullies.

    I know that horrible TV show I couldn't finish watching Revolution covered the situation quite well.
    But Dragonfire also touched on it.

    Devastation happened. Mankind scattered. The technology died and everything went to the Dark Ages.

    Well, what if we took measures to still be able to manufacture iron and get out of them within ten years?

    That would be the thing to do.

    The way to undercut a civilization is to take out their technology. Kill their scientists, their artists, their thinkers. The Nazis knew this, they did it. And they were way ahead of how we were as a result.

    So. You make it that everyone is a scientist. Everyone can pick up the pieces, everyone can push forward.

    Which is why things are working so hard to dumb us down in every aspect of our beings, including our spirituality.

    Ha I probably just ruined the thread.

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    You didn't ruin it at all IMO...let's just say that you and I just broadened the topic a bit LoL.
    I am in tune with your points about shifts, this idea of being at the center of the galaxy is part of the problem of not being able to snap out of our adolescent stage, as you say:
    4. Have we not grown out of this mankind age of infancy where everything that has a bit of better technology than us is to be treated like a god and we the needy and unappreciative children?
    There are some impactful statements about this in the New Message, I'll have to find them... I'll just slightly veer back to the topic...basically the allegation of humans being judged 'insane' came from some alleged ET Humans that are helping us, and it looks to me like a very similar 'sales pitch' that was in the Handbooks, also because George Green said that he met with Billy Meier's human ETs etc.
    So to make a long story short, that is the connection: Human ETs and the Council that is also mentioned in the NP books.
    I think they have really overdone it this time, because a council where the creator participates from time to time, and they 'judge' humans, in a human-like fashion mind you, is ridiculous, sounds more like Greek mythology!
    Here I am not denying that there are councils, I think Life in the Universe mentions them...I'll look for the quote here too:)

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    Oh dear. Even more material I'll barely have time to read. LOL. God doesn't know how to use Youtube or a voice recorder yet? Lawks. ;-)

    Interestingly I'm going to confirm something for you and thus stay on topic.

    The council I play around with happens to have a high muckity muck that participates time to time. This particular personage is attached to Sol and thus has been associated with the Creator. Not saying this is the same thing, but you see I want to read these books and things to see if I start laughing going, "Oh my! I remember when that happened!!!" Cuz. That would be fun.

    Also when I say that do bear in mind that we all have our own Power of Perception with which we process the universe around us. I personally do not believe in any one single "Creator".

    Anyway, to stay on topic with that, there was a time in which certain people threw up their hands and said "YOU PEOPLE SUCK!" (more or less) and yes. There was a lot of running around going and people ducking.... and so. I can see someone holding a special meeting to judge a race insane. Yes. Yes I can.

    Judging does happen there. I myself was judged. It... was ... I dunno. An experience.

    And yes, it does sound like Greek mythology. Why even the very structure of the place is like some pantheonic paradise. That.. moves around.. and shifts.... and floats.. And... junk.

    Oh. I have a friend who goes up there with me on occasion. I'll bug her to join and see if she can talk about it better than I can. I wonder if that book is legal to listen to, so I can get started on it and catch up with what you're talking about. Because it looks as though I've derailed things again and I didn't mean to. The only reason why I'm not deleting this is because I typed it and I hate that.

    How about this: are there quotes you can put in here? References and things? Interested.

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    Hi there I"m Spearcarrier's friend. I was innocently making banana bread in the kitchen when suddenly I felt the strong urge to join this was more like I got an email suggesting to me that I should join this group. :D

    This is a pretty good thread. The whole 'council has deemed Humans as insane" has really caught my attention. So I flipped through all the posts and tried to catch up.

    Is it the grays that are calling us insane? or is it one of the other factions up there? or is the council as a whole calling us insane know... that kinda hurt the last of my feelings for the day. I honestly didn't realize I was insane to begin with.

    The council that Spearcarrier and myself have gone to is pretty big, round, and yes, kind of greek like.

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    Now that I have you here to bully I'll have a reason to stay on track. I'm going to see if the book can be legally gotten from Amazon or somewhere as an audio book and we'll start listening to it. At least once a week. Should be very very interesting.

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    Oh dear. Even more material I'll barely have time to read. LOL. God doesn't know how to use Youtube or a voice recorder yet? Lawks. ;-)
    This roster of youtube channels has a wealth of recordings, with Allies material included, though you could start with this channel to most quickly find the spoken version rather than slideshow with music. Here is the playlist for the Allies of Humanity Briefings read by a computer-generated voice. A similar recording, in a human voice, was my first introduction to the material.

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    Thank you these are a real good start. Hopefully we can begin them tonight. The Youtube ones of course. But a computer generated voice isn't going to work I'm afraid. Can barely understand such lifeless things. But we'll get it sorted out. Maybe I'll make Choshu read to me. ;-)

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    Hera are some quotes as promised, the first one is about the New Message from God texts (which I HIGHLY endorse) - how they describe humanity as an adolescent; there are actually a lot of quotes if you google “new message from god marshall vian summers humanity adolescent”.
    Here is one:
    At this moment, humanity, like an adolescent, is giddy with its own power, thinking that it has the ability to transcend the natural world, to create an environment not subject to the forces of nature. But this is not true. And you are experiencing, even at this moment, the powerful response, the powerful reaction of natural law to human abuse and human irresponsibility, and the results are tragic.
    The other ones are about the councils as described in a great book that answered so many questions for me, 'Life in the Universe':
    Seers are used to witness negotiations, to review contracts, to serve
    as witnesses to diplomatic efforts and to sit in on councils. They
    are certainly used in judicial matters to discern the truth and the
    falsity of evidence and declarations.

    When you have larger assemblies of nations on councils—on
    trading councils dealing with problems in international trade or
    relations, problems of crime, problems of trafficking dangerous
    Competition, Influence and the mental Environment 95
    materials or drugs or illegal trade—it becomes very complex. You
    are now speaking to maybe fifty different nations using common
    trade languages which have been established over time. They
    are there with their interpreters. They are there with their seers.

    They also have
    been seduced to acquire technologies that they themselves
    could not produce, using resources that they themselves could
    not produce. As a result, they have become dependent upon
    foreign powers and forced into engagement in the complexity of
    trade in the Greater Community—subject now to councils and
    agreements established with other nations, subject now to the
    rules of engagement imposed upon them by others.
    A very realistic set of descriptions IMO...not as 'Olympic' as the ones in the New Paradigm books that I used to promote but no longer do because they contain too much false info mixed with truths…’ll like this one about the ‘council’:
    The pawns do report in the end to one focus of consciousness.
    Referred to as the “anti-Christ” in literature, he is expected
    to be born into a human body that is like those of humanity.
    Unfortunately, that is not true. This “anti-Christ” has
    existed in the history of this planet and has been the controlling
    entity by appointment for eons of time. He exists in
    a form that does not have a short period of existence and
    might be thought of as immortal. Though painted in literature
    in various formats of evil, his is a human format, but
    one of long duration. His intelligence is incomprehensible to
    the average human mind. However, the character flaw of
    power is also comparable to his intelligence. Fortunately, he
    is not the final “word” with regard to the future of this planet.
    There is a council that has influence beyond his. It is to
    this council that an appeal must be made. Though he has
    great influence and through eloquence has kept his controlling
    influence alive over a long duration of time, it is this
    council in which greater authority rests.
    The question then arises as to how to make this all-important
    appeal. One or even a few cannot do it. It must be through
    combined and focused appointment/election of an eloquent
    and powerful emissary by a quorum of humanity. How can a
    divided, submissive and victimized humanity ever arrive at
    such an agreement? Where will this idyllic emissary be found?
    Indeed, those are the questions! Further, how does this emissary
    contact and appear before this heretofore-unknown council?
    It would appear that help is certainly going to be needed to
    accomplish this. There is help available when the quorum is
    gathered and the appointment/election is made. First the
    impossible must be accomplished, and then help will available
    to assist. This is something that humanity must do in faith.
    The funny thing is that this so called 'emissary' is a titled claimed by seems to be Jim Bowden, here - unfortunately it seems like he left us, another one is Richard Boylan that I know of, Billy Meier was probably one...

    My take is that this is a set-up for something, probably something that they didn't manage to pull off or are still working on...who knows.
    All I can say is I am so thankful to the Allies of Humanity for clearing my mind of this mess of stories.

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    The Handbook For The New Paradigm and it's 2 sister books, [I]Embracing The Rainbow[I]and Becoming have very many important similarities to the works of the Allies of Humanity and in my opinion, should be a part of the studies of every reawakening missionary that has come to participate in "THE WINNING", as the Handbook calls it; our eradication of those many races perpetrating "ILLEGAL BIOLOGICAL AND MINING CLAIMS" through the use of "MANIFESTATIONS OF THOUGHT PROJECTED" (activities in the mental realms), hybrids influencing government, the generation of chaos and distortions of religion to serve the "DARK PLAN" to reduce the population to a selected slave sector to do the ground work due to their inability to survive our pathogens.

    The Handbook called for the formation of groups to begin the development of thought realm projections, a realm that the Allies correctly state that we are pretty much behind the curve in utilizing. The 2 groups in my city have been meeting for 11 years discussing these issues and practicing the "gathered thought" work.

    The Handbook, way back in the 80's said, "Why should you believe what we are telling you?
    ...... Who else is telling you this?" They have a point.

    Both works indicate that truly benevolent outside assistance to our material problems is impossible until we have discarded the subservient victim mode and become fully responsible as a planetary race.

    These two works, the Allies and the Handbooks, are the only 2 works that give us this same perspective and with so much similarity that you could almost overlay the two perfectly.

    The language differs dramatically and also the models, but the essence and very very many specifics are the same. Each of the works have much to compliment the other.

    I'd prefer not watch the mincing of words causing useless debate when the essence is so similar and there's action imminently urgent. The Handbook states that because of the need to use human language and models for so much that is beyond human experience, that you will find what appear to be inconsistencies within the message and this can not be completely avoided.

    For that reason and others, there will be even more inconsistencies between the two works. In the difficult task of finding the thread of truth amidst the intentional quagmire of deceptions laid upon the world for the purpose of hiding that thread of truth, we must avoid the mincing of words as the attempts to lead us to truths begin to give us a picture and a feeling that results from the language limited models.

    We have enough to act on and as both sources indicate, this involves developing connection and acting from Knowledge, greatly supported by "GREAT ASSISTANCE" and the intent of "GALACTIC FLOW". We have much in our favor.

    Both sources call for a consensus of humanity or a "QUORUM" agreement to put an end to it all. The Handbook (and I always include the 2 sister books when I refer to "Handbook") states that (paraphrased) most of the world population will not need participate and the necessary quotient is remarkably small.

    (The handbooks include in addition to the end of sneaky biological and mineral stealing, that included in our request is the removal of an old time planetary administrator, "ONE WHO HAS BEEN CALLED BY MANY NAMES THROUGHOUT YOUR HISTORY, ONE OF WHICH IS "THE BEAST" coraborated by "The Urantia Book" but that's a whole other can of worms much beyond the scope of this post.)

    I propose that this is because most of the world could not and need not grasp enough of the situation to make an informed decision for humanity and the totality will not be necessary due to the nature of quorum decision making.

    The necessary ingredients for a quorum to make a decision for a larger group are:
    1. Awareness of the all of the details involved
    2. Purity of intent (lack of desire for personal power, material gain or recognition)

    Example: If a bowling league numbering 200, needs a decision about which brand shoes to get, a 10 member board informed by a shoe company research committee might need a quorum of 5 to make a decision.
    If it were given that the information were complete and accurate, and the "purity" of motive and integrity could be guaranteed, the quorum could express the best and highest good of all with less, perhaps 3.

    If the information were impeccably complete and so was the person, a single person could make the request.
    The 99 bowlers will never need to know what all of the myriad of details were.

    The Handbooks say, "How shall you find this council to put in your request? Who will be chosen as your representative for Earth to present such a request?

    I paraphrased everything in this post. But I think you get my jest.

    I believe that as our thoughts begin to call for the answer to these questions, the answer will materialize.

    Its something to ponder.

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    I totally appreciate a position that discourages 'holy wars', so to speak, based on differences which, I agree, can sometimes stem from one's own interpretations.
    It is a pivotal time for humanity as a race and the fact that we agree that we must eradicate any form of ET Intervention from our planet and from our 'mental environment', is paramount.
    Our freedom is at stake and nothing will be worth anything if we lose our freedom.

    I do recommend the practice of "Steps to Knowledge"
    and I am, in any case, grateful to the 4 books from the New Paradigm series because they led me to it. When I found STK I really thought it was the continuation of "Becoming".
    There was an additional book that led me to STK, it was the 'Talmud Jmmanuel' with its constant mention of Knowledge. I kept thinking 'ok...knowledge...but how?!' ...and Steps appeared.

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