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Thread: evidence needed

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    Hello raoul.
    After the bad experience yesterday by posting on this website, I decided to do some tricks in order to reach you one more time. I will answer your both forum question here on this page. !st, in reference to Dr. Greer--- I just dislike stupid games!!!!! Who is paying him and his panel all those expensive trips and first class hotels across Europe and North-South America, just to go around repeating themselves like a old dame record player, talking daily global routine you find everywhere.?? And on top some crazy man claiming the U.S. Air Force catalog 54 ETI's doing business with the United States, !!!!PLEASE!!! Every member of the 4, will cry long tears laughing at such a crap. I have nothing at all against Dr. Greer and his panel, BUTTTTT. Hello I 'm here. NOW= In reference to my knowledge, that is not from Internet or some funny book at all. My grandfather was teach by his father, and he did teach my father, who did teach me and I did teach my son, so my family not only knows the truth, but are in constant contact with the 4. Now after so many years of brave men's and women's loosing their life's exposing the truth so others could learn their realities and help themselves, I must really say that they lost their life for nothing at all, cause please look at the real result today. I myself just try my best to contact the 10% in the law of 90/10, hoping some how that one will understand the name of the game and at least one is a man or woman of knowledge accepted by the 4. I speak with clear hard words and I don't search for a million words dictionary to play intellectual dishonesty. Mr. Summer is not in contact with the ETI's= Extraterrestrial Intelligence but, he is according to records, in contact with the LTI's= Living terrestrials Intelligence, including the ALT857 and CRT 458 humans Hybrids.
    They are few others website 100% against him and calling him all kind of bad names, However according to the records, he is not crazy at all and his communications are between 3 forms, so it was OK for him to say that he do not know their names or race. NOW= Now for your own record, the members of the 4, were here over 35000 years before the humans were assemble and place in the Mesopotamia. The humans composition and the Sun, are just like father and son, created in 144 attempt and over 300 sexual intercourse in search for the perfect master piece in the art of perfectionism of father, son and the holly spirit. During Genesis 1, the war between the 4 and the Herkkonians was lost and this planet was just a giant ball of fire. The 4 made it to transport with them 144 male and 144 female humans to one of the moon in Saturn and later their were transported to Mars, due to better atmosphere there. It took 500 years for the planet to cool off and the prince and the princess decide that was time to flight across the land dropping the sees of millions of plants in storage, to help the planet recover its normal living atmosphere once again. Another 100 past by and the plants were everywhere including jungle. The millions and millions of fish eggs and fish were transported to the oceans and in only 80 years the millions were billions and the animals and humans of Mars were transported back to earth and life started all over again. I hope you understand by now, WHY? there is on this planet today, the so called and strongly enforce ( Prohibit Anthropology, Prohibit Archeology, Prohibit Astrophysics, Prohibit Physics and Prohibit Disclosure ) And all just due to the stupid religions and power over others..... SO raoul, if you want me to continue just let me know and I will take you to the front door of yourself

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    Thankyou toogigray for your information.
    This is where our discussion may get a bit tricky, because even though we agree on many things such as the games that are going on here on our planet, my view about alleged hierarchies that are, and have been, ruling this planet is quite different from what you describe.
    My information comes from a background that is different to yours, my research goes from the 'brick and mortar' analysis of newspaper clippings of sightings and stories way back in the 60's to more recent books, internet, personal experiences in the mental environment and meeting personally with contactees, abductees and experiencers. It took me much cross-correlation and discernment over the decades, to come up with what I am going to say. it or hate it, that is what I can offer to this discussion...
    So, at one point I found Marshall Vian Summers’ material, several years ago, studied it extensively, and today I can say it’s the only info that is 100% true.
    There is a lot of truth out there, but most, if not all, is cleverly mixed with deceit.
    To be able to say this, not only do I ‘feel’ it and not only did I study extensively every published text available, but I also undertook the Steps to Knowledge training, which is on-going, and I developed what today I can call a ‘relationship’ with the Unseen Ones – which is very different from anything that ET’s can try and have tried to imitate - even though very recently they came up with a clever yet superficial imitation that they tested on me.
    I say the above just because it is fair to state my general position and where it comes from.
    Therefore, IMO there are other-worldly powers claiming, and perhaps believing, that they rule us, but the bottom line is: they are definitely interfering in our affairs, thanks to allegiances they have developed here, and they are preparing the set for a complete takeover, but presently the Human Race is still free.
    We are still free and have to fight to maintain that freedom: kick out any alien race, set the rules of engagement and, in the future, when we are ready, we can then open the doors to advanced races who come here with honesty and not with deceitful stories and mental influence.
    People that claim to know these demi-gods that supposedly rule us or foster our spiritual development (depends on the ET faction doing it and their strategy) and/or make similar claims (the list is endless), have been implanted with lucid dreams that seem more real than life itself. This should be obvious by now. I mean, if humans can perform neural decoding, ET races that are influencing our people can surely do it too, to the point of fabricating life-like experiences – the only thing they haven’t come up with is the possibility for the human subjects to take pictures…ever thought of that? Great stories but no photos…yes, drawings, lots of those, but never photos: you cannot photograph a lucid dream...not with our technology.

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