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Thread: Who is Paola Harris?

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    Who is Paola Harris?

    Paola Harris investigates extraterrestrial and paranormal phenomena. Her interest began in 1979 with a profound response to the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and she soon after began translating Italian cases for J. Allen Hynek. Her books are compilations of interviews with personalities such as Phil Corso, Clifford Stone, Edgar Mitchell, John Mack and Uri Geller.

    She calls for "a protocol and political strategy ... not ... based on fear but mutual respect [to] eliminate the regime of fear [and] end ... old world thinking [to] encompass a more global worldview that may be all-inclusive [and] leave a space for the 'knowing of the heart' or intuitive knowing [necessary for] 'speaking to a ball of light' or communicating with disembodied intelligences in general ... by 'direct thought transfer' [to] open the doors for communication and real galactic diplomacy." She advocates full disclosure.

    She lives in Rome, Italy, and Boulder, CO, USA.

    Do any of you have experience hearing or reading Paola Harris? What are your impressions? How do her assertions relate to the Allies of Humanity Briefings?

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    I was familiar with her Italian website. Just like so many well intentioned researchers, she has an optimistic view of the ET phenomenon Optimistic towards ET benevolent presence, while she tends to agree, in most of her discourses, with the very negative views that have been spread by the Intervention in order to scrap our institutions - suffice it to say that she supports Steven Greer, who has been doing just that and more.

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