I have worked in government organizations most of my my adult life. Military...US Navy first. Now I'm a teacher. I will say that yes those institutions are severely flawed. But yes there are good people in them working with all of their might to make a difference. Coming of age in the 'War or Terror' taught me a few things about communication. More people need to think and really listen and empathize with each other.

Right now, I am a teacher in a state that ranks 50th in teacher pay. The rates of all kinds of domestic abuse are higher than almost any other state. We have an almost epidemic with regard to Meth, a drug which preys upon the poor and hopeless people in life. It is the deception and distraction of escape and it destroys more than one life in it's destructive path. The toll it has taken in families and the children in those families is immeasurable. It certainly seems like an intelligent force of some kind wants to stupify our population and thus undermine the belief in literacy, and critical thinking and reasoning skills in favor of eye for an eye and street/natural selection ethics.

And yet...there I am. Every morning I unlock my classroom full of the 700 books I have collected for my 6th graders. Every day we delve into stories and learn about different perspectives and the things that cause conflict and how to celebrate the strengths and mourn the weaknesses of a human character. Kids with tangled hair and little to no breakfast who maybe got two hours of sleep the night before sit up tall reading about the lady who would not sit in the back of the bus, and learn how to share a pencil or paper (the few supplies they have) with the other kid next to them who has nothing today. I do get worried and stressed about the world but I do know that in my classroom... for maybe 70 kids a year and for four years now... the world can get a little better. At least I can make the world better...the part of the world that is around me. I maybe can't change the world, but I can change my part of it.

You can too. Find the gift you have to give and then give it. God gave man life and the chance to act or to be acted upon. It is my preference to act before the latter.