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Thread: Blessings to Humanity

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    Blessings to Humanity

    I am grateful to the Allies of Humanity for blessing the human-family so greatly, nevertheless, this is only a beginning, for there must of necessity be ever increasing numbers of people who are willing to respond in active, responsible ways. The briefings which were given to us with so much sacrifice are a gift which I personally have received with the intentions to assuredly pass on through the education of other human-beings by my responsible action. In so doing, I and others like me, will not only bring further blessings to humanity, we will also, hopefully, ensure that the allies sacrifices were not made in vain.
    -may God bless humanitys' allies, and all of the indigenous people upon planet earth.
    ~most sincerely Aliensleuth

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    Welcome to the forum Aliensleuth. Thank you for your words and thoughts.

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