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Thread: What is the likely outcome of the intervention?

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    What is the likely outcome of the intervention?

    Rather than receiving the answer, I find that most of what I get is thru discernment of the world.

    To me, the New Message implies that we will end up with a one-world government, the earth will be in horrible shape, and then the Resource Explorers will make contact and say, "Your world is doomed unless you let us help you."

    At this point the one-world government will agree to accept the Resource Explorers' offer for help -or- the people will say no. Hopefully, enough people say no because they realize that this is their only opportunity to preserve individual freedom and to maintain the earth's sovereignty.

    And what a conflict it will be. Hopefully, by then, there will be enough students to save the world. But the one-world government will seize this opportunity to maintain their leadership role and their individual benefit as rulers of the world. They will form an agreement with the Resource Explorers.

    It's like I always thought in terms of making a change thru the ballot box or making a change thru revolution.

    I've always believed that significant change will be made thru revolution. But, I still try to make a change by advocating individual freedom, running for state office and thru the ballot box, but it seems to me like little improvement is being made.

    So what progress is the intervention making toward a one-world government that will be favorable to the Resource Explorers?

    In my view, in one word, a lot.

    This is because:
    • It is human nature for people to want gain an advantage.
    • In its extreme, this human tendency extends to being greedy, to acquiring more stuff than one could ever use and finally to the pursuit of power as the only thing left that brings any excitement or satisfaction.
    • This human tendency doesn't need the intervention. But now that we have the intervention, certain people - certain leaders - are encouraged to do what they are already doing, that is, extend their influence over other people. The way these people want to accomplish this is to gain more and more control over others by establishing a one-world government. They want to have complete control - power - over us.
    With the added influence of the intervention, a lot of progress has been made toward a one-world government that will be favorable to the Resource Explorers.

    Now, I ask you, in addition to:
    • Developing your own awareness.
    • Sharing the Allies’ message with others.
    • Supporting human unity and sovereignty in our world.
    • Supporting the work of M. V. Summers and the Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.

    What can you do as an individual? My answer is as follows. Note that I didn't figure this out all by myself.
    • Get informed, speak up and connect with others.
    • Bank locally. Join a local Credit Union.
    • Support local farmers. Buy local produce.
    • Support organic and non-GMO farming.
    • Support a local alternative currency. Join a TimeBank.
    • Buy and invest responsibly. Every dollar you spend sends a message.
    • Join the movement to audit and dismantle the Federal Reserve.
    • Join a coalition to keep the Internet fair and open.
    • Support independent media. Get your information from diverse sources and think about who is funding the news you get.
    • Join movements to bring about honest elections and require election and campaign finance reform. Should corporations be treated as individuals?
    • Advocate for renewable technology, that is free energy.
    • Sign up for critical mass actions.

    What are the strategic antidotes for us to use to stop their economic domination?
    • Stop anymore bailouts to banks or corporations.
    • Withdraw taxpayer support for central banking agencies, such as the IMF, World Bank.
    • Allow development of alternative currencies and banks.
    • Refuse international taxes.

    Does this resonate with you? What do you think?

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    In a word... YES! Very much so. I do believe that some form of true world cooperation is necessary and inevitable. Something like what the United Nations could have been and maybe still could be if the influence and control of the Rhodes Rothschild Roundtable Group is eliminated. In this "form" of world cooperation we must ensure that one country is not trampled upon by another or by "special interests"; respect the differences, culturally, politically and "religously"... America does have an unique role it could play - and I believe this is her originally spiritual purpose and destiny before it was coopted somewhat - by being a true light for liberty, justice and honoring individual freedom; by being a Giver and strengthening the brotherhood of the human family.

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    Hi Calvin:
    Thanks for replying to my post.

    My take is that the world will eventually come to the point where our one-world government will make a decision to either:
    • Maintain the earth's sovereignty (less likely) or to
    • Form an agreement with the Resource Explorers and sell the rest of us down the river. (highly likely)

    Our challenge is to do all we can to influence man-kind to be in a strong position to maintain the earth's sovereignty or to resist the agreement between the one-world government and the Resource Explorers.

    But my point is that there are 2 basic ways to meet this challenge. We need to do both.
    1. Support the work of M. V. Summers and the Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.
    2. Observe what's going on and do as many of the items listed in my original post.

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    Absolutely Howard. I have actually thought of a similar scenario myself but didn't manage to articulate it as well as you did.
    How do you see other countries in this scenario? I mean, I agree America will be the fulcrum, it has been prepred for it, but how about countries like Italy, or more remote ones like Australia?

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    I don't have input on other countries except to say that I agree with you, Raoul, that the United States is the major barrier to the establishment of a one-world government. That is, from the point of view of the dissident forces.

    This is because the US has a history of free speech, armed revolt and a constitution that, at least in theory, guarantees individual freedom.

    According to the dissident forces, the United States must be weakened and eventually fall for the one-world government to emerge.

    So is the US becoming weaker? Yes. Consider that:
    • The government spends 40% more than it takes in
    • Last year, a bipartisan plan for a balanced budget and reduce the debt failed. Instead the debt limit was raised again.
    • We have a 15 Trillion government debt.
    • From 1913 to 2010, the Federal Reserve has reduced the purchasing power of the dollar, through inflation from $1.00 to 4 cents.
    • The presidential candidates for the November 2012 election both advocate for the status quo.

    So I (we) don't want the United States to fail. We want to slow down, stop and reverse the effect of the dissident forces that are working to bring the United States down.

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