Several people have written in asking similar questions recently:
"Which of the Galactic Federations are here to help us?"
"Are the Allies of Humanity a part of the Galactic Federation of Light?"

It seems important to make it clear, then, that The Allies are not connected to the movement that is being called the Galactic Federation of Light, and that there are no helpful Federations out there whose purpose is to save humanity.

"The Galactic Federation" does not exist as it has been portrayed to us.
This idea was generated by our Star Wars movies, and the Intervention is using it to their advantage, because they see that humanity longs for there to be such a Federation that would rescue us.

There are trade organizations which "keep the peace" only in order to keep trade routes open, but they are not going to save humanity and do not exist for that purpose at all. They would intervene if we were being taken over militarily, simply to keep the trade routes safe, but will not intervene if we seem to welcome the Intervention.

The Alien Intervention is conducting its affairs here in a clandestine manner, winning people over through their considerable powers of manipulation and persuasion.....and pacification. Fostering the idea of a Galactic Federation of Light is a part of their plan. They need and want the resources of our planet, and they will tell us ANY LIES to make us believe they are here for our good.
If we allow ourselves to be persuaded, no other forces will come to our rescue.

This is humanity's most critical hour. Will we stand for our freedom and demand that the visitors leave? Or will we acquiesce to their rule, and lose our sovereignty over our home world - forfeiting all that humanity stands for and has created?

There are only two choices: Stand for freedom or acquiesce.

Reading The Allies of Humanity Books offers us critical and clear perspectives on these issues.