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Thread: the Free Nations

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    the Free Nations

    Hi there folks. I'm Dan, a long-time supporter of the Allies' mission on Earth - and elsewhere :) I'm currently an Earth-bound human residing in the great United States of America on a piece of decaying real estate known as Buffalo, New York.

    I've been reading the briefings since the underground edition of book 1 came out long ago. I was registered on this forum once upon a time but I couldn't remember my info so I've made a new account. Figured it was time to be active here as I've been starting to make some Allies promotional materials that folks may be interested in using.

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    Hello Dan, welcome back to the forum!

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    Welcome back Dan! Just like you, I registered on the new message forums but didn't participate for some time. I guess I just wanted to be a passive observer instead of an active participant.

    I also feel it is time for me to do something...time to go into the next gear.

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