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Thread: Finding verifying events in the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari H View Post
    I wonder how can you be so certain of that?
    What is wrong with "Looks like a real Alien caught":

    - Alien keeps staring into the camera. Does it want its 15 minutes of fame?
    - It blinks with its eyes. These aliens do not blink with their eyes.
    - It keeps opening and shutting its mouth. Greys have never been seen doing that.
    - It's mouth and nose is to explicit. Their nose is usually very difficult to distinguish.
    - The focussed light/surrounding darkness. Nice in a horror-type movie. But I'm not buying this in so-called real footage.

    But more importantly:
    This guy could speak AND kept filming the alien.
    Anyone who has read The Allies of Humanity (or has any knowledge about abductions and the Mental Environment) if familiar with this power that these unwarranted visitor excert upon humans.
    The kind of power that will make people compliant/docile. And certainly not being able to call 911, grab a camera to start filming or start swearing.

    To add to this:
    We also know that the Economic Collective aka the Greys wish to keep their presence very hidden, or at least mysterious. But the content in this video is anything but hidden.
    Whats next, showing up in Jimmy Fallon's late night program with an exclusive interview?

    Sorry for being so harsh,:
    But have people here actually read all 3 current volumes of "The Alies of Humanity" and/or "Life in the Universe" and so on?
    I sometimes ask myself this when I read so many comments where someone comes across as extremely gullible to anything on the internet or YouTube.
    Sorry to be so harsh, but it needs to be plainly said for once.

    As it as already been mentioned: discernment, people. Discernment.

    What is wrong with "Grey Alien Filmed By KGB":

    So lets pick this one apart, shall we.
    Even for a video from 1942 this is of pretty horrible quality. In defense one could so that this has been copied many times, which also wears down the quality. But usually not in this fashion.

    - The opening slide with the KGB-logo. Can't say for sure but looks overly simplistic for something from the KGB.
    00:52 - A grey laying on the ground - (it always has to be a grey, right?) How Roswell-like.
    In fact this could have come straight out of the Roswell-playbook.
    Did I say playbook, maybe I should have said script.
    01:21 - Playing up the importance of this source by claiming they kept the source anonymous....for showing video's from frigging 1942-1969!!
    This is just laughable. I'm not buying it.

    01:43 Just as with the other video: the nose and mouth are too visible/distinct.
    Many abductees have commented that you could hardly see a nose at all on these grey-beings.
    Most of the times you would only some little slits.
    And again, with the blinking eyes. This looks indeed like something from an animatronics department.

    01:52 An alien poses for the camera? Do they all live in Andy Warhols world with their 15 minutes of fame?
    Just like in the other video these fake alien always seem to have atleast some kind of facial expression going on. While (again) many abductees have stated that their expressions are blank.
    You could not ascertain what was going on in a grey by looking for facial expressions, because there aren't any.

    This is also why some abductees have picked up on the idea that these grey-beings maybe are robots.
    Which is obviously not the case (As we can read in the AoH).
    But it is entirely understandable if you were only looking at their behavior, lack of empathy, sheer focus on their tasks and lack of facial expressions.

    And people always like to make such a big deal out of footage from intelligence agencies.
    But really, it is not that as spectecular as it always being claimed here.
    Hell, even I have footage from the KGB and Stasi. All of better image quality than we have seen here.

    So don't buy into everything you see on YouTube.
    Especially if it claims to be footage of aliens. Of all video's on the internet concerning ET's 90+ % is fake.

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    I hope I've explained myself clear enough.

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    Wow Nico, thank you for this fantastic, in-depth post! I realize that you were directing it for Kari H and not for me, but it was valuable for me as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    But have people here actually read all 3 current volumes of "The Alies of Humanity" and/or "Life in the Universe" and so on? I sometimes ask myself this when I read so many comments where someone comes across as extremely gullible to anything on the internet or YouTube.
    I feel frustrated because I am on my second time for Life in the Universe and my third time through the three AoH books. But still a lot of it does not seem to sink into my mind. For example when you shared this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    Anyone who has read The Allies of Humanity (or has any knowledge about abductions and the Mental Environment) if familiar with this power that these unwarranted visitor excert upon humans. The kind of power that will make people compliant/docile. And certainly not being able to call 911, grab a camera to start filming or start swearing.
    Then I had to kick myself because I realized that it should have been obvious to me. I have read about that so many times. But it is something that I never would have come up with on my own when thinking about these videos. And there are other things you pointed out that I missed as well.

    I know that I just have to be patient, and to re-read again until I finally get it. But it's frustrating for me because I feel like I should not be missing such obvious stuff by now.

    Anyway, sorry for that, I realize you probably did not want to read me complain about my frustrations. Thank you again for this post!

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    I am sorry Nico, but your arguments do not make these videos inauthentic. The arguments try to claim that these beings are not typical greys. Whoever can define a typical grey? I can not. Is it really so that every aliens have the ability to powerful mental influence? I doubt that unless that is clearly stated somewhere in AoH Briefings. I have understood that alien societies intervening in planet Earth are based on the very controlled societies with different classes from ruling class to worker and other specialized classes. These low level classes are kept obedient and they are probably not given any power to rebel including the power of mental influence.

    Anyway back to your arguments. You are mainly assuming that these are fakes because they do not represent typical greys. You are also assuming that more than 90% of the material in Internet is fake. You find arguments showing that something is not right in these videos (horror movie appearance, strange KGB logo, too poor quality, aliens posing to camera, ridiculing the uploader of these videos) but do you see that these arguments do not prove that these videos are fake? They just prove that something does not fit into your assumptions of an authentic alien footage.

    People who say that these videos are either CGI, photoshopped or animatronics seem to have no experience in that industry. Those who have experience in that industry do not dare to say that because they would have to prove the point. I have done 3D computer graphics and I have tried to manipulate digital photos. I can tell you. It is not easy and you need to be a professional and you need to have alot of time in this. Have you noticed that those so called fakers who have spilled their blood and sweat into these fake videos or photos never come out to claim that they did it? Why do they not want to have the fame after all the work they have done? It is too easy to claim that audio or video material is fake but it is more difficult to prove it.

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    The AoH describe the Economic Collective (EC) sufficient to know that the greys are part of this EC.
    Especially in "Life in the Universe, Chapter 6: Families and Genetic Manipulation" does that become very clear in its description.
    It talks about the collective breeding. Which is so obviously reffering to the greys since they all so much a like and don't show any individuality.
    The order and level obedience was by design of this genetic manipulation and genetic breeding of the greys.
    To quote:
    "Should you ever have encounters with trading nations in your region, you will see the evidence of collective breeding. You will see it expressed in extreme forms, and you will see he exertion of genetic emphasis in general populations, which will tend to be very uniform in their appearance and behavior."

    Then there is the Mental Environment (ME) that also plays a factor in this.
    In ALL abductions by the greys there is always a form of (physical) control of the movements of an abductee. The greys induce and communicate through the ME.
    Upon and during an abduction:
    - Abductees are brought in a docile state of mind before the abduction.
    - Abductees have lost their will power during this entire session.
    - The greys know in advance of an abduction of human countermeasures (in domestic environments), i.e. home alarm systems, setups where abductees have strapped themselves to their beds to prevent abduction, video camera's designed to record the actual abduction.
    Rule of thumb here: whatever an abductees know in this regards the intervention knows as well.
    - In response to the latter abductees are "compelled" (through the ME) to turn off their video recording equipment after which an abduction usually takes place immediately.
    - During a lot of abductions people have described seeing other human abductees on board that are in a "zombie-like" state. Again, the effects of the the interventions influence in the ME.
    - And then their is obviously the induced forgetfulness. All products of influence in the ME.
    Influence coming coming primarily, but not only, the greys.

    Within the EC there is a hierarchy. Only part of this hierarchy is here. This is also the only part the we see of this EC.
    This expeditionary part of this hierarchy as currently understood is in the following descending order:
    - Insect-looking / Praying Mantis / Reptile-looking
    - Long Grey
    - Short Grey
    - Hybrid (human/grey)

    Then there is also something that you could really only know from reading/listening a lot about on abduction-accounts from abductees.
    And that is that the position in the hierarchy also follows the strength of influence in the ME.
    There are abductees who are able to break the ME-influence by the short or longer greys.
    Sometimes these abductees are able to ask questions out loud about the work that these greys are performing, directing those questions towards these greys.
    What different abductees have witnessed is a sudden confusion among the greys.
    During this confusion the greys sometimes suddenly stop their activity.
    When that occurs a higher level-species steps in, which is usually an insect-like or something that is frequently described as a praying mantis.
    The insectlike/reptile-looking ones are reportedly stronger than the greys and can, for example, very easily render someone unconscious through ME-influence.
    Abductees on the other hand who have also experienced hybrids can confirm that the ME-influence is weaker than that of the greys. In fact, the hybrids are reportedly the weakest in strength in the ME.
    So there a degree of strength to the influence in the ME.

    This also fits the narrative that the hierarchy is based upon genetic manipulation.
    And through every creation of a hybrid species (human-hybrids being the lowest and the latest addition in this hierarchy) the effect in the ME also becomes noticely weaker.
    Probably on purpose. Otherwise they would not be able to effectively enforce and control this hierarchy, as you also mentioned.
    I mention hybrid species as being plural, because atleast David Jacobs has come to be convinced that ALL the ET's that are here as part of the EC are in fact hybrids, with exception to these insect-looking/praying mantis and reptilian-looking species.
    So that also means that the greys are hybrids themselves. Which also makes sense when reading "Life in the Universe, Chapter 6: Families and Genetic Manipulation."
    Genetic manipulation is big deal, and goes further than only the interbreeding program currently underway.

    I get the sense that you really haven't studied a lot of abductions before making your latest statement concerning the greys and the hierarchy they function in.
    When you study enough (outlairs beside) then certain patterns will emerge.
    Patterns about the way these greys operate and what they can or can not do becomes more apparent.
    On this I can recommend all the books of Karla Turner and David Jacobs.

    Then for those flimsy video's:
    As you can read my main argument is that there are many things wrong with these video's that simply undermine its credibility.
    It is up to me to point out all the obvious problems with these videos.
    It is not up to me to automatically assume that every alien video is authentic. I'm not gullible.
    The burden of proof is not on me.

    Then you talk about how supposedly hard it is making computer effects.
    A lot of people are aware what goes on in the IT-world with that sort of stuff.
    And if this has been done my through CGI it is most-likely done by somewhat who has a heck of a lot of experience in it. I can only speak for the IT-world, but the rule of thumb there is with more experience a job/task also becomes a lot easier and much quicker to do.

    Purposefully downgrading your own video makes it all a lot easier to create the desired suspense of disbelieve.
    In the past I've seen a lot of hoax video's.
    Hoax video's whereby the creator of it later on came out claiming it was a hoax.
    Then animatronics:
    You are obviously right to state that making something like this would take up a lot of time.
    There is no doubt about that.
    But, you seem to underestimate the level of devotion some people show in simply creating stupid shit.
    Even just for the kick of it, or the reactions to it.
    You can look at the work of a lot of hackers who create worms and other nasty (but also useless) stuff. Or idiots that keep trolling or bullying people on social media, Reddit or Youtube.
    Just because is takes up time does not dismiss the likelyhood that this is a hoax.
    If you persist in proving it to be authentic, then prove it. Dismissal of arguments does not equate proof.

    Lets be real: These video's are simply not convincing.
    Especially with all the visual vagueness surrounding them both.
    Someone claims to have video material from 1942 till 1969, but still it is all in black and white.
    That is not only strange, but in this case downright suspicious.

    When I read your entire attempt to counter my arguments all I esentially get from you is: "I want to believe".

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    What do you think?

    First of all you should see this interview (1997) (start at 22:39):

    If this video gets shut down, these are alternative links to the same content:

    Then watch the interview with the same person after 11 years (2008) (start at 3:42):

    I did not find alternatives videos.
    Basically Victor says that he is dying and he makes a revelation. He says that
    this documentary will not reach its twentieth anniversary (2028) because of the end of the world.

    Then watch this (start at 31:30):

    Alternative link: (start at 00:00)

    This guy worked at area 51 for 17 years and he says that the aliens want to destroy 6/7 of the world population by the year 2029.

    This is my favorite:
    Scroll down to the second message if you don't want to read the first.

    Alternative link:

    It's a crop circle with a grey holding a disk and the disk reads: "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception"

    I think that the disk is, in reality, a compact disk and the grey is giving it to us as a gift. I think also that most of the modern tecnology is alien tecnology.

    I hope that all this is fake, I hope that someone is trying to scare us, i hope the crop circle is man made.

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    Here is an interesting document which seems to show two twin hybrids in action.

    These women show some possible characteristics of a hybrid being.

    1) The extraordinary strength (this has been reported by abductees)
    - no fatal injuries after ran down by truck or car in a highway
    - 6 persons required to tie one of them up (after the run down accident!)

    2) Strange social and non-emotional behaviour

    - Sabina was not concerned of her sister who was badly injured and taken to hospital
    - Sabina was totally indifferent of her surroundings and about what had taken place in the highway
    - Sabina's social behaviour was odd at the police station and in the apartment of the man she murdered

    3) Mental influence

    - She acted very paranoid in the apartment of the man she murdered but this did not disturb him unlike the other man who witnessed this
    - In the murder trial both prosecuting and defending psychiatrists claimed that she is not mentally ill and cannot be locked in a mental hospital. They also claimed that she does not pose a danger to society when asked by the judge. This left judge without any means to give a reasonable sentence.

    4) Physical appearance

    - High cheekbones (this has been reported as one of the physical characteristics of ETs by abductees)
    - Slightly inclined almond shaped eyes although this may be my personal subjective conclusion

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    You exert a lot of effort to disprove someone else while being completely confident in your own assumptions. You should use the teachings as your only criteria, with everything floating around today trying to make a coherent picture of it all is near impossible. I know it is tempting to make sense of it all but the average human is not a credible source of information. Just ask yourself the age old question: "what do I really know?".

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    To make it clear this was message directed to Nico.

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