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The way he just seemed to 'accept' his implants suggests to me he is under the influence of the Intervention. As if I found I had any I would be most determined (if possible) to have them surgically removed.
It is very possible that these visible implants are decoys, and true implants may be at the level or beyond the nano-technology which cannot be detected by human technology.

Have you read the article "High tech already here! Implants-what is next?" By John Schuessler in the January, 2004edition of MUFON journal? In the article, Schuessler stated the following:

Japan's Hitachi Ltd. has developed super-micro wireless automatic recognition 1C chips, or mu-chips, that are only 0.4 mm in size. They can be incorporated into paper and cloth to provide authentication of luxury goods and currencies and in medical treatment.

They are as small as a speck of dirt and would not be noticed if implanted under the skin.

The new nano-technology chips are even smaller, and require the use of a microscope to see them. When used in conjunction with nano-machines, the .possible applications are unlimited.

Biological, rather than organic materials, will be used in chips in the very near future. Researchers have found that molecules of guanosine, a building block of RNA, behave like tiny transistors. Biological implants would be invisible to most detection devices.

Considering how rapidly the technology used in human and animal implantable chips has progressed in the past 25- years, I wonder if we could even recognize a chip in use by an alien society today.

Considering that they would have to be years ahead of us in the technological arena just to get here, how would we know what to look for? Their chips could be the size of a human cell, especially if they are made from biological materials, and they could be located anywhere in or on the body.

Finding them by touch or through the use of MRJs or x-rays would be impossible. And the development of a device capable of detecting their signals is a long way from reality.